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I try to spend some time once a month to write down some tips, some stories, some lessons learned... as well as advice on when best to utilize us for specials and upcoming events.  We now have a complete book that can be ordered on Amazon called, "Prepare for your Perfect Portrait", and pieces of that will be posted on a weekly basis.  You can order your own full copy on Amazon, eBook or paperback.  Enjoy! -Stephanie Oman, Co-Owner, The Imagery.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019
By The Imagery

Your graduation should be stress free... here's the list of how to make your graduation invite:

1) Call to have your invites created.  Decide on a day/date/time of your party.

2) Attend a design appointment at The imagery. We'll take care of the details and create something custom according to your taste.

3) Make adjustments as needed, we will email you your sample.

4) Pick up your finished cards and envelopes within 3-4 business days of approval.

So far we don't have a service where we mail them for you, but you got that covered with ease if you order by the end of March.

The Imagery custom created graduation announcements and party invites are a great way to show off your senior pictures to those that may not have seen them yet.  They also make a great keepsake for relatives, and you, to remember your senior year.

Let us help you create spectacular graduation invites to celebrate the Class of 2019!


Wednesday, February 20, 2019
By The Imagery

It's that time of year again. Graduation planning!  Yay!  

Seriously, going through commencement, and then, gasp, going off to college, isn't easy...but here are 8 things you will have to think about when it comes to the open house for graduation and High School Senior photography for the grad party.

#1) Decide on the date and time for the grad party.  Most people will plan them the first weekend in June. You don't have to be most folks, unless that absolutely is the best weekend for you and your clan.  Consider having your party the week before the actual graduation, or, the weekend after.  Consider a morning 'breakfast brunch' party for stronger attendance as well, as most parties are in the afternoon, and you will want to either attend them, or have others attend yours, so planning an alternative time can help.

#2) Call the The Imagery to get your card designed.  We do everything custom so your invite will be unique to YOU. We can even do an additional session, for free, for a new look for the card if you'd like.

#3) Come in for design work on the invitation in early March, which is just a few weeks away!  March gives you plenty of time to not panic about getting your cards ready for mailing.  The design process takes 2-3 weeks, and then you want another 4-6 weeks prior to your party as the date when you mail them out.

#4) Think about a theme for your party..,colors, mood, and food all working together on the same idea...it may help add to the design and the excitement of people wanting to attend and celebrate with you.  The more fun you have with the overall look and design, the more everyone will want to be sure not to miss out.

#5) Think about making it easy on you, the host, to enjoy the party instead of 'work' the party. Consider a caterer. Consider maybe even having a food truck show up at your driveway and prepay a certain amount for the gang, or set up your buffet items so they are simple and mess-free (as much as possible).  

#6) Think about entertainment.  Can you provide a slideshow running in a corner of the highlights of the senior's growing up? (the Imagery can help with this)  Do you have family and friends willing to take turns at playing the piano or guitar softly in a corner?  Do you have yard games and indoor games (be ready for rain!)

#7) Think about getting a sign or signs made to mark where you are. Are you a hard-to-find house with lots of twists and turns to get to you?  The Imagery can design and print yard signs that can be put up on strategic corners, with arrows pointing the way.  Banners for your garage or outdoor park pavilion are also available.  They make fun keepsakes afterwards to hang in the garage, as we can put baby photos and senior photos together in clever ways.

#8) Decorate with photos!  Here is where you might want to put in a re-order for proof sets, folios, collages, and framing, so that your photos are all displayed when it's time for the party guests to arrive. They all want to see those amazing photos, so have them ready for display!

We hope that you ENJOY your party. A little planning ahead will make all the difference. We can help! The Imagery appointments are starting already for graduation time. Call us at 952-890-7640.  Talk to you soon!


Wednesday, January 23, 2019
By The Imagery

On January 26th we leave on our first ever mission trip to Costa Rica.  Rod has always wanted to go on a mission trip, and we are taking the opportunity to travel with a group of three different churches, from Minnesota, Oregon, and Alaska, to help Camp Santiago in Nicoya, Costa Rica. This is a youth camp that was destroyed by a hurricane about five years ago, and ever since volunteers have been making the pilgrimage to help them re-build.  This year they have been given a donation of a swimming pool, and we are helping them to create the cement around the pool among other fixit projects around the camp.  

After our mission trip, which ends Feb. 3, we will stay in Costa Rica for another 5 days, and then move on to St. Maarten, where we have a family time share.  

All in all, the trip is 3 weeks, a long time for us, as we never usually leave the studio more than a couple of days!  We'll have Joe watching over the studio, and our neighbors looking after things. Joe's hours will officially be Mon/Tues/Thursday from 10am-6pm, so if you can't reach him by phone during those hours, you can try stopping by if you need to pick up an order, or chat about a design.  

We will check emails and phone messages as much as possible, but please bear with us as we work remotely, and at times, we will be completely off-grid.

Check back to our blog for photos from the trip! 

p.s... where is Pixel staying you might ask?  Pixel has a 'cousin' in Marine on St. Croix named Bella, you might have met her here at the studio as we have dog-sat, and now it is the 'return the favor' time! 



Friday, November 02, 2018
By The Imagery

Santa is coming to town! The bearded man was here, Nov. 8-11, and now, via magical Photoshop and talented elves in our studio, he can re-appear in any session that continues to take place in our holiday sets!  Which means, we get an early start at the holidays and getting our Christmas wishes known up in the North Pole!  Here are some tips on making the experience great when meeting with our Santa's live, if you'd like to set that up, we are still able to with minimum orders from $400.

1) Let us know in advance how your kid has been doing this year. Santa can get a heads up from you, and help you out with some friendly advice on "staying nice", whether it's praise or a jolly warning.

2) Let us know what they have been dreaming of and asking for, and Santa can let them know he's been listening.  No promises, of course, just that he has been paying attention.

3) Santa's appearance needs to be a bit anticipated and not a shock. Explain that Santa will be there to have fun and play, and that it is always a good time when you visit the jolly man in red.  Show them pictures of how Santa typically looks, red suit, fur, big beard, and talk well in advance about what to expect when they see him in person. Often it is solely the size and magnitude of all that red that can be overwhelming to young eyes.  If your child is sensitive, he can always take off the coat and go with a holiday shirt and suspenders instead.

4) Practice with your kids "telling Santa what you want for Christmas".  A little practice can go a long way, but if they are shy, a list can be the life-saver.  Many a little one has been tongue-tied once seeing the big jolly guy, so if they are prepared with a list in hand, written out for Santa to go over, they won't have any regrets of what they "forgot" to tell Santa.

5) Let kids know it is ok to touch Santa, including his beard!  We will have natural beard Santas on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and they all expect to have their beards examined, just to make sure Santa is real.  

6) Let kids know that the elves and Santa will be giving them directions and to listen carefully.  We are setting up 'scenes' of Christmas to capture on camera, and these scenes will become your very own storybook of Christmas that you can order and keep for generations to come.

Activities that we will do this year are:

Cookie and Gingerbread house making.

Drawing or creation of a gift.

Communicating with the North Pole and sharing the globe/geography lesson.

Decorating the tree.

Sharing a candy cane, cookie, milk, or cocoa.

Sharing a Christmastime story.

Sewing a stocking.

Wrapping a present.

Taking a ride on a toy (fire truck, motorcycle, sled, or other toy brought in).

Going over the naughty/nice list.

Playing a board game.

Writing a note to the North Pole and mailing it.

Each activity takes a couple minutes to complete for a photo, so even 10 min. sessions can sometimes get 2 or 3 activities completed if they are older kids. We recommend more time for younger kids, and more activities if you would like a storybook created.  This year sessions are anywhere from 5 minutes to 1 hour, depending on your prepaid package.  Call us for more details and to create your best timeslot.  Phone: 952-890-7640. 

Holiday cheer, make it amazing!

==The Imagery elves.


Tuesday, October 30, 2018
By The Imagery

I was asked recently to provide our vision and mission statement.  It had been awhile since Rod and I had sat down and thought about writing it out, so it got me to thinking..."What ARE we here for?" If someone walked up to you on the street and asked, "Why do you exist?" would you have a ready answer for them?  As a business, that's what is expected of us, and every day, if we are not living up to that promise in everything we do, are message can get lost in a sea of noise.

So, I set out to answer the question...and this is our current, yet ever so slightly altering over time, vision, mission, and even "brand statement", which upon further research I found is some what of the answer to, "What is your particular secret sauce and flavor?"


We are there for our entire community, both individuals and businesses, to pause time, celebrate milestones, and create a legacy.  Self esteem is raised, heirlooms are created, and businesses and ideas are elevated and shared with the world through images.  

Mission Statement:

We only use the best materials that will last and can be past from generation to generation, while remaining accessible, flexible, and open to a wide audience and a variety of needs.

We remain open to what our clients want and ask for in how they want their images displayed.

We continue to learn and educate ourselves to new techniques and products that can express what the client is wanting to preserve, in their unique style, from the classic and traditional, to the unique and contemporary.

We celebrate and help causes of the community around us.

Brand Statement:

We are a home-based, husband and wife studio, that surprises and delights with our wide variety of indoor and outdoor options located conveniently all in one place, including sets from rustic to romantic, waterfalls, old truck, stone arches, and surprises like indoor and outdoor pianos.  We serve our clients both at our studio, and on location, because we remain true to our mission of flexibility in product and service.  We open our talents to both the business community and to the individual (two-legged and four-legged) to help them showcase what they are most proud of through portraiture and high quality professional photographs, whether it be pride in their product, or pride in their accomplishment and milestone, or simply pride in what and who they are in the moment.  We are award-winning, always striving to be better through education and competition. We listen before the shutter clicks.  We have the talent to make any vision come true in collaboration.  Because we believe that good preparation, means good photographs, we authored a book called “Prepare for the Perfect Portrait.”

Tag Line:

Our Portraits, Like our Clients, Last a Lifetime