List of Events in 2018

See "Specials of the Month" for the current packages available.

January--Couples in Love... call us for your Engagement Sessions and booking your wedding date!  Also in January, we will be taking an excursion to an Ice Castle (TBD) and doing themed "Pin-Ups" in honor of the Superbowl being hosted in the Twin Cities this year, with full hair, makeup and rates available so gather your girlfriends and create a fun night for you and a gift for your sweetheart sports fan.

February--"What's Dear to Your Heart"... A portion of all session fees will go to the American Heart Association, and packages will be offered for kids of all ages that bring in items to express their current passion, such as a child that is in to Tommy the Train, or a teenager celebrating their achievements in Tae Kwon Do...or a Mother with a name it... "What's Dear to Your Heart?"

March and April---Bring in the Spring with Dance... The Imagery does dance pictures for dance schools, and in March and April we are busy helping dancers capture their talents. In honor of this, we put together packages where dancers can come in for private sessions to our studio, and we will do digital art paintings, capturing their moves in artistic classic portraiture for the wall.  Taking dance photos to a whole new level of excellence.  Also this is the time for Easter portraits, and the Imagery celebrates Easter with cruelty free sessions, no live animals, just your cute kids, egg baskets, stuffies and ducklings that look real in a picture.

April--Mom's Day "Hygge" Special...  Hygge is the Danish art of living simply and increasing your joy and happiness through the appreciation of the little moments and pleasures in life.  A perfect gift for mom is a portrait of dad and the kids, enjoying an activity together... We'll invite dad's to come in for a special portrait with their child, and order in time for Mother's Day in May.

May--Father's Day "Hygge" Special, "Garden and Pond", and "Prom Dress"  May is a busy month with three different specials covering different rights of passage... Hygge continues with a special portrait package of Mom's coming in with their kids, and just in time to order something for Father's Day in June.  We will also celebrate with "Garden and Pond Magic", as our Portrait Park opens, bring your children in to play fairy-land and fishing poles in our back portrait park, and we'll include special packages in celebration of Spring.  We'll invite HS Seniors and Juniors to our studio to show off their Prom Dresses one more time, creating a artwork with the dress that will make it something to remember forever.

June--Flower Power and Cap and Gown  Our garden's start to come alive with Forget Me Nots and Cherry Blossom...Bring your loved ones in, or returning Seniors, for a photo with the delicate blossoms of spring.  We'll have special packages on digital art painting, creating beautiful, light, airy portraits, reminiscent of the impressionists... We also welcome back our Seniors for a portrait with their Cap and Gown, and graduating families to come for a portrait of their group, all in town for the celebration...

June/July--The Imagery is all-in for HS Seniors and their families in July... look for updated specials and weekly deals.

August--Christmas Card Sessions!  Come in for a family session and steals on early-bird deals for your custom, creative and truly unique cards.

September--Family photos are in full swing, but it's also time to secure your spot for Pose-4-Paws... see October for deals on sessions with your pet and raising money for rescues...

October--Pose-4-Paws... our annual fundraiser for animal rescue.  Pets are always welcome at The Imagery, but especially during October, when we send checks to a dozen different local rescues of your choice.

November--Santa Claus is coming to town..... typically around November 29th to December 6th (dates and times subject to change according to Santa's busy schedule and elf union cooperation. TBD).  Sign up under "book a session" and choose the Magical Santa Experience as soon as dates become available.  Also in November, we are offering a fun "In the Box" sessions with our BOX PROP.  A fun holiday and Christmas Card idea for the whole family and your pets to share your personalities.

December--Gift Certificate Sales... starting on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday in November, we will put Gift Certificates on sale for 2018...look for super savings and the perfect gift under the tree for the parents and grandparents that have everything, what better gift than a beautiful portrait.

We do all types of sessions year-round... but each month we will feature something different, and offer special package discounts off our regularly priced a la carte price list.