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I try to spend some time once a month to write down some tips, some stories, some lessons learned... as well as advice on when best to utilize us for specials and upcoming events.  We now have a complete book that can be ordered on Amazon called, "Prepare for your Perfect Portrait", and pieces of that will be posted on a weekly basis.  You can order your own full copy on Amazon, eBook or paperback.  Enjoy! -Stephanie Oman, Co-Owner, The Imagery.

Wednesday, June 06, 2018
By The Imagery

I recently replied to an email asking "what should we wear" in regards to a couple shoot.

My advice for what to wear for families is slightly different, since there is my flexibility when it is a portrait of just one or two people.  Here is how I respond to the question.


With just the 2 of you, I'm sure whatever you select will be fine. Keep in mind where you want to display the portrait, if it is a wall size image, think of the room it is going in and the expression and feeling you want from it in that space. Is it formal or casual, and have both of you dress in the same mood, not one person dressy and one person casual.

I have not seen an attachment with images, but following those basic thoughts you should be fine. Groups are harder to coordinate, but when it is 1 and 2, there is less to 'clash' and you can show more personality.
  • Solids vs. plaids/stripes
  • Long sleeve vs. short
  • Try layering (see if when wearing his shirt, if it wrinkles up when he moves/sits, it's best to have a textile that is plyable, and not 'stiff', non-wrinkling, and wear a layering piece (t-shirt under a sweater or jean jacket for example)
  • Layer for yourself as well, if it works, with a jacket, cardigan, scarf (that's not too thick that it drowns you).
I know that sounds like I'm dressing you for fall/winter, but in the photos you won't be able to tell the temperature...it's easy with summer clothes to have patterns that are distracting and bare arms that are distracting.
however, if you think you are ordering a smaller prints meant for the shelf and gifts, then prints and short sleeves may be fine.
In the end the most important thing is that you are comfortable, and the two of you look like you are going to the same event, whether you decide on casual or formal or in-between.


Tuesday, June 05, 2018
By The Imagery

Instagram is providing us with a way to continually connect with photos, and The Imagery is adapting by providing the Senior Experience with lots of "Instagram-able" images. This should not, however, sacrifice the need or desire for printed images.  The 2 can still co-exist as a part of your HS Senior portrait package. 

Instagram images have a different feel and purpose than a photo that will be on the wall and stand the test of time.  Our ultimate goal as a studio is to provide the parents with something that they can cherish on their walls in the absence of their senior, who is now beginning a new independent life.  The Senior Photo is celebration of completion of one stage of life and the commencement of another.  We want the photo that is chosen for this to be something that will last for the current family, and for future generations to come as they look back on their grandma, great-grandma, and beyond in their "high school" years. The only way to effectively preserve an image for future generations is to print the image, and hopefully print it in such a way that is archival, mounted, and hung on a wall to be enjoyed daily.

With the importance of print fully understood, it is still true that in our digital lives, Instragram photos will play a huge role.... but they will not be visible to future generations.  As long as Instagram is not used as the sole preserver of memories, but of MOMENTS, fleeting MOMENTS, to celebrate immediately with friends and family.  You post, and then the post is forgotten, lost in piles and piles of photos that surpass one after the next on your timeline.  

For us as professional photographers, Instagram is an absolute necessity in order to keep up with our clients need and promise of consistent sharing of everything with their social circle.  If a HS Senior has been used to sharing all that they do on their phone, it would not be normal for them to suddenly NOT share their set of professionally done photos, so as a professional studio we still need to honor that need.

In listening to our clients, some, not all, want to be able to automatically share their session experience with their friends, so we have come up with a few digital solutions that help them to share and share alike as many "Instagood" images as they want, without compromising the integrity of the professional studio and also the integrity of our work.  How?

Shoot differently throughout the session, and include video snippets.

Something that we are promising to do during each session, that we began in 2017 and will continue more so in 2018 for the Class of 2019... is shoot for "mom and dad" and then also shoot "for Instagram".  We do this making sure that we get all the traditionally done portrait angles and framing in camera that we know is sale-able for a wall print, and then taking time during each pose scenario to grab a few more shots that focus on a more 'magazine' style look.  What is 'magazine' style?  I've included a few examples below that have the look and feel of something that could be in an advertisement, or, on Instagram.  The images need to evoke emotion, be more artistic in nature, and create that feeling of "Wow" or excitement, more so than images that Mom and Dad will purchase for their private collection.


Repeat clients Sash and Brown

Monday, June 04, 2018
By The Imagery

These will be in person at The Imagery until June 5th, by appointment. 

See what's new for spring and summer, and be inspired by these business casual looks. 

Have your own business?  We offer a free session for a headshot to ladies that come and shop the fashion. No obligation to purchase, but if you'd like to, headshots are just $50 each. 


Monday, April 09, 2018
By The Imagery

Avoid Awkward Family Photos

Kare11 segment with Stephanie and Rod Oman from The Imagery regarding avoiding awkward family photo taking. Tips from the professionals on how to avoid awkward family photos.

Rod and Stephanie appeared on Kare11 to give tips from the professionals on how to avoid your family photos becoming "awkward".  In 3 minutes learn what to do and not do.

Tuesday, April 03, 2018
By The Imagery

There is no item more precious, than you.  Family.  Sending and gifting grandparents with photographs is the best way to say I love you with a gift that they will treasure every day.  It is something that they typically can't buy for themselves, unless you give them the photographers phone number and say, "call them yourself." But that doesn't seem quite right, does it?  And even then, you showed them that you took the time and care to go to a professional, and have a portrait done.  You've showed them that you really care.  A professional photograph will never decrease in value, and only increase in appreciation over time, and they could not go out and get it for themselves. Boom. The perfect gift for a grandparent.

So what if you'd like to have the grandparent in the photo with you?  Gift a gift certificate for a session!  We have gift certificates on sale during our 20th anniversary year.  From April to September, 2018, purchase a $200 value gift certificate, for only $20. (Certificate must be used in 2018).  With that kind of a deal, you can afford to get that big one over the fireplace you've been dreaming about, or extra copies for your kids so they don't forget about you when the start moving away from home. Whether they will admit it or not, at some point they are going to miss you.  Your smiling faces will remind them that you are always there for them, no matter what.


Family Sessions are Fun and Your Kids will Hug You More!

Nothing is more valuable to a grandparent than a family photo. Plus, you have fun while doing it! See how much you get to hug your kids!