Our Story

In 2018, celebrating 20 years as The Imagery!  We are.... family owned, home-business owners, who love creating portraits for our clients that will treasure forever.  Welcome to our home and studio.  We can also go on location, but at The Imagery we are complete with two camera areas inside and a large portrait park outside with three waterfalls and multiple sets, rock ways, arches, porches, old doors, even a 47 Chevy, outdoor and indoor pianos, and firescape stairway...and much, much more...You name it, it probably exists in the Portrait Park or can be created in one of our indoor camera rooms, accommodating both small and large groups.  

Rod and Stephanie Oman are co-owners of the Imagery.  Rod Oman is the photographer and chief CEO of the company, and Stephanie works with the team on marketing, portrait consultation, and client experience.  The Imagery was purchased from "Ted Hain's Photography" in 1998, which had already been running as the largest studio in the area since 1989, and The Imagery has continued that tradition in the same space for another 18 years, making it one of the longest continually running home-based studios in the Midwest.

Rod has been taking pictures ever since he was seven and asked his parents "Why do only big people have cameras?"  They quickly gave Rod his first real camera to "play" with, and also enrolled him in community dark room classes, which became his second home.  Rod received his degrees in Communication and Mathematics from Moorhead State, with the advice of his parents, "You won't make money in Photography"...Well, professional photography is all that Rod has ever done, but his double-degrees have also helped him in business and the Imagery has continued to thrive through many industry changes.  Rod has gone on to become a Master Certified Craftsman Photographer with the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), ranking him in the top 1% of photographers nationwide.  He has been honored with the title of Twin Cities Photographer of the Year seven times, and also been named Minnesota Photographer of the Year.  His work has been published in the PPA's Loan Collection, their most prestigious book publication, over ten times during his career, turning 50 this year, he is planning still many more years of perfecting his craft, and keeping up with the latest in techniques and technology.  

Stephanie met Rod in 2001 and they were married in 2005.  With training in theater arts from Drake University, and recently having returned to the Midwest from New York City, Stephanie still contributes creative concepts, styling, and set design, as well as working with clients on selecting the best choices in decorating your home with portraiture.  In 2018 Stephanie will be starting The Imagery's first ever "Model Boot Camp" to help aspiring models train in posing for the camera, runway and spokes-modeling for the camera. Stephanie and Rod want to do more with video, film, and marketing in 2018, so look for lots of short behind the scenes action from them on Facebook and Instagram, as well as video tips for amateur photographers and pros alike.  

As a couple working full time in photography, they have been invited to speak by photography groups in the Midwest, and in 2017 were guests at the Wisconsin Professional Photographers Convention to contribute new insights on the client experience and the photography business as well as what they are up to with the latest in marketing technology, camera equipment and lighting technique.  Rod has also served as one of a few representatives of the Panasonic brand for local National Camera and Best Buy stores, demonstrating the latest in Panasonic cameras and lenses to pros and salesman in the Twin Cities area.

But you can't talk about the Imagery and the staff without mentioning Pixel.  Pixel is the Goldendoodle that greets you at the door and helps make kids smile. She has been helping greet and keep client's feet warm in the waiting room for the past eleven years.  Kids and parents love her affectionate, loving nature (and non-shedding for the allergic)... In short, everyone remembers, "Pixel".

Come tour our studio and meet us soon. We look forward to collaborating with you in creating a beautiful piece of art for your home that is YOU and YOUR family, telling your story for generations to come.